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    What is the DataLab?

    A unit within the Experian group focused on analyzing the use of new data sources, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms and the application of traditional or innovative techniques. Our goal is to solve complex challenges.

    When necessary, in addition to the applied research challenge, DataLab also performs the outbound and market evaluation work for the service or product created, operating as a startup with consumers and companies.

    We work in collaboration with DataLabs of San Diego, London and Singapore, as well as all Serasa Experian business units and services. DataLab has its own technology infrastructure – both local and cloud – to provide a secure and innovative environment for its customers.

    Social, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and IA

    In the last decades, the emergence, cheapness and rapid adoption of digital technologies has been transforming personal relationships, industrial processes and the creation of new services at an ever increasing scale and speed. People
    began to expose their behavior and preferences openly over the web and the mobile internet intensified access to content distribution almost instantaneously between personal networks or between consumer and service provider.

    From a business perspective, the creation of cloud environments has reduced the market entry barrier for millions of new entrepreneurs who have come to create, build and distribute their products and services globally. This context of Social + Mobile + Cloud started to generate more and more new forms of data and information that culminated in the concept of Big Data.

    Thus, new technologies and algorithms are emerging to understand this new context and generate value for companies. Among these algorithms, those who have gained the most traction and relevance are those related to artificial intelligence, because they maximize the analysis of new and strange data to explain behaviors and preferences of consumers, companies and literally

    However, how can companies transition from a traditional setting to such a new and complex setting? What technologies do you employ? What is hope and what is value in using unstructured data? How to introduce innovation cycles in business as usual?

    In response to these and other issues, Experian group created DataLab.

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